Blue & BlackLine 3xD

New 3 x D high performance end mill for trochoidal milling.

AluBlue & AluBlack

High Performance for Aluminium Applications.

Blue & BlackLine 2019

Our BlueLine offers the perfection of a high-performance tool combined with a very good price-performance-ratio.It is suitable for various materials.

Our BlackLine ensures you highest perfection in high-performance field for your serial production. It guarantees optimum results in a wide range of applications.

Special Line

WERKÖ precision tools are the outcome of highest manufacturing quality and a specialty of this company. Our engineers develop the tool you need at modern CAD/CAM workstations. Our Technical sales team and the application engineers apply their expert knowledge to the benefit of your product.


Especially for metal-foundries we offer SAND-CORE-DRILLS for the preparation of ventilation-holes. In recent years we specialized in preparation of ventilation-holes in sand-cores, in order to provide high-performance tools.


Our new tool in our product family DIN 338 – the “SN-top” with TiN-coated head. A universal, very stable HSS drill bit for all standard applications. Split-Point permits very good positioning and reduces feed and torque. TiN-coating provides longer tool life or increased cutting-speed.

Main Catalogue

Main Catalogue

Our strategic focus has made us a very successful company for cutting tools in the European market.

Catalogue Overview 2016

More than 75 years of experience! In Königsee, highly skilled workers of WERKÖ GmbH produce high-precision, modern cutting tools for standard- and customized applications. Our solutions are a contribution to ensuring manufacturing processes and improving efficiency. High availability of tools ex stock and service level agreements provide outstanding availability of all products.

Turning Inserts Cleveland

As always, a reliable partner: With our brand new turning inserts portfolio, Cleveland is bringing back high performance tooling to the European market.

Since 1876, Cleveland is respected for high quality and innovative tooling solutions. As the European Headquarter providing service and sales, we look forward to serve you with the all new Cleveland portfolio.

Our team is a your service.