Precision since 75 Years

1938 - 2013

For Werkö GmbH, 2013, is a special year. Werkö GmbH celebrates 5 years in Königsee under the brandname Werkö 75 year’s quality tools produced.
With so much history, it is important that people see behind this performance. People with our customers and partners in the Königsee environment and our (historical) employees. The Werkö people so. We want in the coming months to pay attention to these two special moments.

  • Werkö offer a regrinding and recoating service

  • Recently we have all possibilities for poductie and grinding of PCD tools. These tools are mainly used in the automotive and aircraft industries used.

  • The new Cleveland catalog is available recently. With this new catalog we start the reintroduction of Cleveland on the european market.

  • Our new 3 languages (German, English and Rusisch) Werkö GmbH website is very well received. With the new features get our (direct) customers better information on the products and we offer alternatives for their machining.

  • At the end of October in Dalian, the new factory opened TDC. At 60 hectares were 16 new production halls, a new T & D center, a meeting center and new desks built. The construction of the hotel staff and the further infraestructure surrounding this project are in full swing. Sind middle decemberc in the new factory geproduceert, around Chinese New Year is the complete move to the new location closed. Horticultural deserve high praise on colleagues in Dalian. They have less than a year in this project is closed.

Jos van Gemert
Managing Director